Cutter manual & Drivers

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Important Installation Instructions
Please read these important notices before following the instructions or 
installing software
1. When installing the cutter plotter, make a note of which COM port it has installed to. This 
can be done by going to your device manager and checking the ports menu. If the USB driver 
has installed properly it should say USB SERIAL CH341 and you will find the COM number 
beside it. All the drivers must be installed to the same COM port. When the cutter plotter is 
selected on any software it should also be set to recognize which COM port it is running 
from otherwise it will not cut.
2. When installing the USB driver will actively seek to install to the nearest available COM port. 
This does not affect production in any way but please ensure that the above notice is 
adhered to. This includes the installation of the CorelDraw driver.
3. When selecting the cutter plotter on any software (Flexi Starter, sign cut pro, Coreldraw) 
ensure that you select JINKA or JINKA GOLDCUT and model JK-721. If this model is not 
selected the cutter plotter will not cut.
4. When installing sign cut pro ensure to select JINKA GOLDCUT JK-721 when prompted to after 
the licence menu. This ensures that you get a 12 month trial and not a 6 month trial.
5. On Sign Cut Pro you can find your cutter options on the ‘Settings’ tab on the top tool bar. 
Then select ‘Cutter’. This will allow you to select the vinyl cutter as your printer.
Installing USB driver (Windows XP)
1. Insert the CD-R disc into the disc drive and plug the vinyl cutter into a USB port.
2. The ‘found new hardware wizard’ box should automatically pop up. If this does not happen go to 
click on “ADD HARDWARE”. On the ‘found new hardware wizard’ select ‘install the software 
automatically’ and click next.
3. The computer will automatically search for the driver folder on the system. Once it has done this 
a box will appear regarding the fact that the printer does not have windows logo testing to verify 
its compatibility with Windows. Click “CONTINUE ANYWAY” to install the hardware.
4. The next box that pops up will be titled ‘files needed’ and will require you to locate the file 
“CH341SER.SYS”. Click “BROWSE” and locate the folder ‘USB driver’ on the CD-R disc and click 
“OPEN”. There will be a file called “CH341SER”. Select this file and click “OPEN”. The ‘files 
needed’ box will now show the extension for the file “CH341SER” in the drop down bar. Click 
“OK” to continue.
5. The driver will now be installed and the ‘completed the found new hardware wizard’ box will 
pop up. Click “FINISH” to end the process.
6. To check that the device has correctly installed go to “CONTROL PANEL” -> “PERFORMANCE AND 
MAINTENANCE” -> “SYSTEM”. Then click on the “HARDWARE” tab and click “DEVICE MANAGER”. 
A list of hardware devices will appear. Click the + icon next to “ports” to open the “ports” menu. 
If the device is installed correctly it should show “cutting plotter (COM 3)”.
Installing USB driver (vista business pack)1. Insert the CD-R disc in to the disc drive and plug the vinyl cutter into a USB port.
3. Locate ‘2.0 USB serial cable’ in ‘other devices’ on the device list.
4. Double click on the ‘2.0 USB serial cable to open up the properties menu. Then click the 
update driver button.
5. On the next menu click on ‘Browse my computer for software’.
6. On the next menu click on ‘let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’. This will 
take you to a menu where you can locate and manually add the device driver.
7. Click ‘have disk’ and locate the cd-r on your computer and locate the folder ‘usb driver’. 
There will be a file in the folder called CH341SER. Click this file and press ok until you return 
back to the original menu. There should be the words cutter plotter in the menu’s text 
window. Click next.
8. Proceed through the remaining instructions until the installation is complete.
Installing USB driver (Windows 7)
1. Insert the CD-R disc into the disc drive.
2. Connect the vinyl cutter to the computer via the USB cable and turn it on. The computer will 
automatically search and install the vinyl cutter. Check the device manager (control panel -> 
Hardware + Sound) to check it has installed correctly.
Installing CorelDraw driver (Windows XP)
To install the CorelDRAW drivers:
1. Ensure the CD-R disc is in the disc drive and the vinyl cutter 
is plugged into a USB port.
3. The ‘welcome to add printer wizard’ box will pop up, click next to move to the next instructions 
for adding a local or network printer.
4. There will be three option boxes on the ‘add local or network printer page’, the option you need 
to select is ‘local printer attached to this computer’. Ensure that the box next to ‘Automatically 
detect and install my plug and play printer’ is un-ticked. Then, click next.
5. The next option will be to ‘select a printer port’. Ensure ‘use the following port’ is selected and 
on the drop down menu select “COM 3”. Click next.
6. The next option is ‘install printer software’. On the left hand side there will be a list of printer 
manufacturers, however the cutter will not be on that list. Instead click on the “HAVE DISK” 
button. This will pop out a box which says ‘install from disk. Click the “BROWSE” button and 
locate the “CORELDRAW DRIVER” files on the CD-R disc. Enter the folder and locate the 
“GOLDCUT JK SERIES” file which contains the set-up information, click on it and click the “OPEN” button. Then click “OK” on the pop up box to return to the ‘install printer software’ option. The 
‘printers’ box should now contain the GOLDCUT JK series printer. Click next.
7. The next screen will allow you to ‘name your printer’ and allow you to set whether it is the 
default printer. Setting it as your default printer will mean it automatically comes up first when 
you go to print on any software. Once you are ready, click next.
8. The next option allows you to print a test page. This allows you to ensure that the printer is 
correctly set up and working from the computer. Once you are ready, click next.
9. The ‘completing the add printer wizard’ screen will come up, with the information about the 
installation. Click Finish allow the computer to complete the installation.
10. Once you have done this, a box will appear regarding the fact that the printer does not have 
windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows. Click “CONTINUE ANYWAY” to 
install the hardware 
11. The hardware will install safely and appear in your printers menu.
Installing CorelDraw driver (Windows Vista & 7)
1. Ensure the CD-R disc is in the disc drive and the vinyl cutter is plugged into a USB port.
4. On the next menu select ‘Use an existing port’ and from the drop down menu select COM3.
5. On the next menu select ‘have disk’, this will open a browser bar to search for the GOLDCUT JK 
SERIES file that is required. Browse for this file on the CD-R disk, select and press ok. The cutter 
plotter will appear in the list of printers in the menu.
6. The next menu will ask you to name the printer, after this has been done press next and the 
printer will install. On the next page there is the option for printer sharing.
7. Press next and the vinyl cutter should be installed and will appear as a device with your printers.