Laser Printing T-shirt & Garment System With Fluorescent

Print onto T-shirts, Hoodies, Polo`s and other fabric material without the need to use a direct to garment printer, or screen print using the printing system. This package allows you to print flourescent. You can print full colour including white onto any garment without the background. Printing full colour on dark garments has always been expensive to achieve, and been possible by DTG, and screen printing, with this system you can produce the same results at a much more affordable cost. This package allows you  to print full colour logos, pictures onto 100% cotton, polyester, or a mix of material in any colour dark or light Garments.

    What you receive with this package

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Print onto dark colour garments - Print full colour and white - Print images without background - All the equipment you need is in this packge

    32DW Laser Printer     32DC Laser Printer
The 32DW printer has been developed to produce bright fluorescent white mono prints, allowing the user to print directly onto dark media, as well as using SunAngel Halo transfer media to apply bright imagery to dark textiles and garments.
The printer uses two white toner cartridges in the (M) magenta and (Y) yellow positions to produce white imagery, assisted by a standard (K) black cartridge and a primer cartridge in the (C) cyan position.
  The 32DC printer has been loaded with SunAngel specialist toners to combine fluorescent colour prints with standard black (K) functionality.
This system requires no additional software or expertise to print regular CMYK images in vivid fluorescent colour. Images are vibrant and bright in regular daylight but come to life under UV light - ideal for club promotions and hen nights!
    UltraBrite Transfer Media
Low temperature transfer—Press at 120 Deg C
Durable—tested to 100 washes at 40 Deg C

SunAngel UltraBrite transfer media now has an improved transfer sheet. Our lab has developed an all-new transfer sheet that curls less and peels more easily, yet still operates at the same low temperature that you are used to. You will also notice the new transfer paper has no obvious front and back - that's because there isn't one, you can print on either side, less hassle when setting up your prints.

SunAngel transfer media has been optimised to provide quality results with toner-based printers, enabling the user to produce detailed designs which may be applied to a variety of textiles and surfaces.

Our two-step process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring consistent reliable transfers with vibrant colour and visual appeal.

    Digital High Pressure Clam Heat Press 38x38cm

  • Solid steel welded framework
  • Digital temperature & time Control
  • Automatic Alarm, temperature & time recycle
  • Hi-Tech ABS main box
  • Baked with PTFE coating
  • Unique swing away design
  • Scratch-resistant 

This machine is well known for its high and equal pressure on the entire heat platen resulting in a better quality transfer. Adapted new Hi-Tech ABS material main box makes the machine more consistent and durable in quality, more efficiency but lower cost in production, more attractive in appearance.

This machine is perfect for those looking to create tiles, press XXL or smaller size shirts, ceramic tiles, puff transfers, hot split transfers, glass cutting boards, rhinestones, license plates, garments, mouse pads, plaques, and more! PTFE coated upper heat platen, wide opening for easy layout. Full adjustable pressure control, digital countdown timer. Excellent for high pressure applications and embossing. Print more garments with less operator fatigue.





  • Designed for regular use
  • Selectable hot or cold lamination
  • Two roller design with anti jam
  • Min pouch 150MCN / max 500 MCN, 40
  • CM/min laminating speed
  • 2 roller
  • 250mm/min laminating speed
  • Fast warm up time

We will aim to send the best quality economy laminator either A3 or A4 laminator. The above represents A3 specification currently being the better model.


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Photographs with UltraLite


Transfer - Print Onto Dark Garments

Masking Guide

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Laser Printing T-shirt & Garment System With Fluorescent

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Available Options

Optional: complete website for £300

When ordering this package, add a fully built website with online design studio for only £300 (£599 on its own). The perfect platform for any printer, a website which allows your customers to create their own design live, with full CMS for you to create, and edit your own products. As well as the design element, you can sell off the shelf products with options and personalisation. Completely built to your design, with flash elements within the design, which you have full access to edit.


This is the cheapest anywhere you can purchase such a fully sophisticated and fully built online design website any where, with one on one contact during the build to ensure you get exactly what you ask for. see the features, and have a look at some completed sites to get an idea of the kind of work you can expect when you order this.

Your newly built website will be stocked with over 100 products, all with the design live online element, if you decide not to offer any of the products simply disable the product in the admin. All the products we load on your site can be changed in every way, picture, description, price, colour ect.. More products can be added, the site is unlimited for the amount of products, pages, categories and options.

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What help do you offer to use the equipment?

Alongside our instruction manuals, we provide links to video tutorials covering the use of the equipment. Sawgrass Europe, offer a wealth of information totally free, video tutorials and webinar training including subjects such as business growth through their website and Youtube. Signcut Academy, have a full library of features and tutorials to achieve setup, designing, cutting and much more available through their website and Youtube. We are also available for help on the initial setup of your equipment including remote access assistance.

Why buy from Heatpressuk?

  • We are a friendly company and take time to talk to our customers.
  • Our aim is to be informative and helpful to enable customers to make the right choice when buying equipment.
  • We offer before and after sales assistance and advice.
  • We have a 12 month parts warranty of our products (terms & conditions apply).
  • We’ve sold packages to schools, academies, clubs, charities, prisons and other organisations, and have a good reputation.
  • We make buying a genuine reliable sublimation business affordable, by selling the right package combinations.